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make money with coinhive -

first of all, thank you for all the likes and supports

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now let’s start with this: just a little research into coinhive and we get titles like:

Browser mining is generating over $250K worth of cryptocurrency every month


The browser-based Monero miner Coinhive generates around $250,000 each month

make money with coinhive -

we all know coinhive is a BAD BOY and it’s here to stay

some consider it evil and bad to use visitors CPU power to mine cryptocurrency ( Monero ) while some consider it a perfect Alternative to all those Annoying Ads.

meanwhile, there are people like me who are just looking for some easy cash online …

(the image below is my hashrate at coinhive running only 1 adult tube website )

wordpress porn website monero hashrate

now I want to tell you that you can mine monero on autopilot using coinhive and this WordPress porn theme.

on AutoPilot, You Just Need To Start The Website And it will import videos from all the major websites like and just getting you more and more organic traffic …

plus the fact that the minner on that wordpress porn theme coded in a way that it will be hidden from search engines so it will not have a negative effect on your search engine rankings…


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stay motivated.


100$ A Day Method – Wordpress Porn Theme Autoblog.

Make Money AutoBlogging

ever wondered if its possible to make 100$ a day on autopilot???

Make Money AutoBlogging

its too simple to get there but the problem is it falls into the gray zone

the way it works is nowadays you can mine cryptocurrencies like monero or zshash on a web browser websites like you torrent are making huge money with this. now in this article all i am saying you can have a  perfect way to mine monero using coinhive and this wordpress porn theme you can mine as much monero as you want without even having to pay for electricity cuz you are basically using the users computer to mine crypto but on the other hand the user is watching porn and typing with one hand…

if you know what i mean porn Money

so if you decided to Go a little greyhat you can take a look at this image:

Monero Profit CalCulator

please have it in mind that mining 3300 hashes per second only need about 20 to 30 members watching online and now you can duplicate that by having up to 10 porn tube sites. 

make that earning times 10 and you get 420$ every month just by mining monero ,

plus with cryptocurrencies, there is always the chance of a bubble so your monero can make you even more money if you just keep it. 

BTW: the miner on your website runs hidden from the eyes of the search engines so your webpage is not going to be affected negatively and you can get more and more organic traffic

wordpress porn theme hidden miner

let me know if you have any questions …


all the best

The Journey Begins Money In Porn Videos

Cash Porn Tube

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